Loudpigs is an integrated creative production company. 

We develop, create, and produce content for TV, digital media, music platforms, and live & social events for clients across all industries and leading brands.


Shortcutfilm, founded in 2004, was the backbone behind Loudpigs Inc.  It was an international production company located in Seoul & New York.  In 2012, with the need to focus on a one-stop solution for digital content, Loudpigs Inc. was founded.  Loudpigs has tremendous experience in global productions and works in over 20 countries with many talented and creative people.


Creative refinement, clarity in communication, effective manner of execution, and honesty are the strengths that have defined who we are and have kept our clients happy.  Whether it’s branding, commercial campaign, or even small size production service, we put our best creative minds to work to give you a world-class quality service and content.

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